Michelle Wood

Abt Associates

Michelle Wood (MS, Public Policy Analysis, University of Rochester) is a principal associate at Abt Associates. Her work has focused on leading project teams to conduct large-scale national program evaluations and applied social science research in areas such as disability policy, return to work, employment, housing, and homelessness. Ms. Wood has managed several national evaluations using experimental research designs. She has expertise in field implementation of random assignment studies, site recruitment, staff training, survey and administrative data collection, demonstration monitoring, and reporting. Since 2009, Ms. Wood has served as the project director for the Implementation and Evaluation of the Benefit Offset National Demonstration (BOND) for the Social Security Administration (SSA). She has led the team’s work on BOND to design and execute large-scale participant outreach and recruitment, implementing secure data systems, managing complex data collection, designing a communications strategy, operating a call center, providing training and technical assistance to local agencies, conducting random assignment, and documenting the results in process, participation, net impact, and cost-benefit analyses. Ms. Wood also directed Abt’s work for SSA to evaluate the Project NetWork return to work demonstration in the 1990s. She led Abt’s team of researchers to conduct the Family Options Study for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to test the relative effects of four alternative housing and service interventions for families experiencing homelessness, and she co-authored the study’s reports and journal articles. Ms. Wood co-authored the chapter “Lessons from Implementation” and presented it with ​Debra Goetz Engler at Lessons from SSA Demonstrations: A State of the Science Meeting.

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